Embracing Your Chaos


I have some of the coolest friends someone could ask for. Each of them is interesting in their own individual way and they are all bound to be wildly successful. Honestly, they are all no-brainers when it comes to the possibility of doing great things. But honestly, I am not them.

If you were to ask any of my friends what kind of person I am, the general consensus would be messy. I am the kind of person that always takes on too much, is overconfident and learns from her mistakes after three or four tries. I am smart but not a straight A student. I am ambitious, but not to be a doctor or an engineer. I have drive but sometimes lack direction. I am a self-proclaimed hot mess.

But despite owning up to all my messy tendencies, here is what I know:

I know that I have just as much potential even if it is vast and wayward. I know that the only thing bigger than my passion is my heart. I know that I am being myself and not someone else. I know that my flaws make me unique and my scars are evidence of my lessons learned.

It’s okay to not be the girl that has everything figured out.

Have you ever stood on top of a mountain? In the middle of the desert? By the ocean? with nowhere to be and no plan? There is a kind of freedom in that. It is okay to have passions that span into a million different directions and to have no idea what to do with them yet. It’s okay to be creative. It’s okay if it takes a few tries before you learn the lesson intended for you.

I know it’s easy to compare yourself to others and feel inadequate, as if you were not cut out to be successful or fulfilled simply because you are not conventional. Don’t fall for it. Embrace your chaos.

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