Floral Maxi with Some Punch

Hey Guys!

It has been a whirlwind of a week between going to Vegas and coming back to a heap of homework and finals. (p.s. I graduate college NEXT WEEK!)

I hope some of you took time to follow me on Instagram where I posted all of my outfits from Vegas and filled y’all in on what Marshall and I were up to all week! I got to see four rounds of rodeo action, go to amazing live concerts every night and of course, admire all of the STUNNING fashion.

Seriously guys, they don’t call the NFR “Rodeo Fashion Week” for nothing. Everything you ever dreamed of in your Pinterest closet could never compare to what these ladies bring out. I picked up a lot of great tips on where to shop and found some super cute boutiques I may have to share with you guys!andrea-fall-2016-227-of-243

Here is one of my outfits from the week that I wore to a Casey Donahew concert at the Mirage. This dress is a total red showstopper with bold floral patterns. I threw a black lace vest over top to give it a little more dimension.


I paired the dress/vest combo with a concho belt with turquoise details to define my waist and added a bolo tie for flair. I am also wearing silver bangles and simple black fringe earrings.


For boots, I picked these Corral inlay boots. I think they are a match made in heaven with this dress! While I was in Vegas, I tied the side of this dress up to show off the boots a little more since I liked them so much.


As usual, I am saying my daily prayer of thanks that messy hair is in! These are leftover curls from earlier in the day. I simply threw some dry shampoo in for texture and a thin spritz of hair spray to keep it from going flat. With such a bold dress, I decided to keep my makeup simple as well, just defining my eyebrows and putting on a dark, fall lip.


I really hope y’all enjoy this look and you continue to follow my journey down the rodeo road.

Stay unique, sisters!


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