Living for the Journey

I know I’ve mentioned New Years resolutions in a few of my posts so far in 2017, and I’m going to do it again to point out something important. Whether you make resolutions or just have long term goals, we can all become obsessed with our #lifegoals and forget about the here and now. Yes, it is important to strive for the next milestone, the indicators that say you’ve improved, but there is no shame in embracing your reality today.

Accomplishing your goals will be amazing, but if you can’t find beauty in each step, it will be hard for you to be satisfied when you get there. What is a goal without struggle? Without looking at yourself once in awhile and having a good laugh at your flaws? There are so many hidden gems on the journey of life that you miss when you demand perfection from yourself.


I would put money on this theory: people give up on their resolutions (or goals or dreams) not because they set their expectations too high, but because they didn’t see value in the times of failure and weakness. Maybe they were making progress but the victories seemed too small, not grand enough to fit their vision of that goal they set.

I don’t consider myself a perfectionist by a long shot, but I am very competitive with myself. I am my worst critic, and beat myself up over simple mistakes or falling short of my expectations for myself. When I look at the things I’ve accomplished in my life, I look back on my mistakes and see the value in the missteps and the lows. I see the place I started and don’t look down on my old self, I simply see the grace God gave me to do better and be better.


No matter what you are striving to accomplish, remember that God knows you make mistakes and will not have a perfect performance. Embrace your weakness and use His strength to move you along in your journey. Let Jesus take you to new places until you look back, see the change and have thankfulness in your heart that He cares for you, even if you took every detour on your journey.

Don’t ever give up, friends! You are radiant and can accomplish anything you put your mind to, even if it gets a little messy.

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