Simply the Staples: Pieces Every Western Wardrobe Needs

Hey Y’all!

I found myself looking at my closet (which is ever increasing, by the way) trying to figure out how to organize what I have. I think we have all been in that moment where we are actually overwhelmed by our options and find ourselves wanting to throw everything out, just to start the process over.

If you are in the spring cleaning rut and like most of us, simply can’t afford to start your wardrobe over from scratch, let me suggest some pieces that can anchor down the rest of your clothes and breathe new life into what you already have. Let’s get into it!

1. Trouser Jeans

Okay, first of all, I am totally obsessed with trouser jeans. The styling definitely calls back to the 70’s with a higher rise, long lines and wide legs. This style is flattering on virtually anyone, makTrouser Jeaning you look long, lean and tailored.

If you have to pick one pair – I would lean towards a dark wash – it is totally professional enough for the
office with a blouse or blazer, while also being versatile enough to take you to a rock concert mixed with a graphic tee.

My favorite trouser jeans come from Ariat, Stetson and Wrangler, but the Texas trend also leans towards 7 for All Mankind trouser jeans. No matter what you choose, they are a great investment and make you look polished with such little effort.

2. Graphic Tees

Best. Trend. Ever. Seriously – who doesn’t want to look on trend while being comfortable? This is such a fun style to play with since you can wear it with jeans, a maxi skirt, bell bottoms…the possibilities are endless.

Graphic TeeThere are also no rules – you can pick out a vintage inspired western tee, a rock & roll band tee or go to a thrift shop and pick out a totally random design and have it still be cool.

I have at least ten different graphic tees in my closet, all different and fun to throw on with a casual outfit or dressed up for a rodeo performance. Some of my favorite designs can be found at Savannah 7’s, Lil Bees Bohemian and Ropes & Rhinestones Boutique. Don’t be afraid to check out Ebay for some rad vintage finds too!


3. Denim Everything

Okay, obviously we alreadDenim Dressy covered jeans but this is a whole different thing. I love denim because it goes with everything. You can pair it with almost everything in your closet and have it work. For good measure, I like to keep more than one denim piece in my closet. Not only is it versatile but it just screams western!

My favorite denim pieces are a jacket, a button down,
a skirt and a dress. You can take all of these styles a different way while still being comfortable and looking classic. Don’t be afraid to put denim on denim either, it is back and better than ever!

4. Leather Accessories

Accessories are super fun and I love having tons of different designs, but I always go back to my simple leather accessories. My mantra for staple leather accessories is this: Stay Simple.

Tooled BagThink a cute leather cuff or choker, thick hip belt or a riveted envelope clutch. Another good leather item to have is a simple brown boot – it goes with everything and will bring together bolder pieces without overdoing it.

My absolute favorite places to get leather accessories are LOV Leathers and Eve West. You can find both of them on Instagram – they make everything by hand and do custom orders as well.

5. Turquoise and Silver

These pieces are definitely more of an investment and will probably take time to build a collection of, but they are SO worth it. Turquoise is the classic western stone that has so much history behind it. Turquoise and SilverYou can buy it vintage or new from a turquoise dealer or Ebay. Be warned, it is not cheap to buy real, but they are heirlooms and something that can be kept in your clos
et for decades without going out of style.

The same goes for silver – you can get it vintage or new, and either way it will be a staple in your wardrobe. Silver is great because it mixes with everything and adds lots of interest to an outfit. It is honestly hard to overdo silver, so don’t be too worried about layering too much. Bonus points if you put your turquoise and silver pieces together!


I hope this list inspires you to work with your closet and find some new treasures. Here’s to being stylish, classic and put together always.

Stay unique, sisters.


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