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Hi Friends!

Today I want to welcome Logan Kinyon, Miss Rodeo Iowa 2017, to the blog. I asked her to share some beauty tips for rodeo queens and the rest of us who are just fascinated by the art of queening. Make sure to give her a follow on social media to keep up with her travels throughout the rodeo season all the way to NFR 2017!

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Howdy all!

My name is Logan Kinyon and I am your Miss Rodeo Iowa 2017. I hail from the rolling farmlands of Creston, Iowa where I am actively involved in the equine world with my family. I have a great passion for rodeo and the western way of life. The title of Miss Rodeo Iowa has given me an outlet to share this passion across our great nation. It has also allowed me to explore the ever-changing and exciting fashions of the rodeo atmosphere. I am writing to all of you today to share some insight on the beauty and fashion happenings within the rodeo queen and western world!

I hope you find my tips useful and are able to apply them to your own experiences! So let’s get down to business. Below you will find my top 5 favorite tips to share with young women in the rodeo queen industry.



The first thing EVERY rodeo queen should have with here at every appearance or competition is an emergency kit. If your life is anything like mine, there is always some sort of malfunction or issue with your wardrobe, hair or makeup. My emergency kit has literally saved my life more times than I care to admit- haha! I use a tackle box to store all my emergency kit necessities. I chose a tackle box because it is compact and easy to carry, but can hold so much!


Things you will find in my emergency kit are: an extra blush and powder foundation, double sided tape, a hat brush, extra eye lashes and glue, baby wipes (THESE CAN LITERALLY TAKE RED LIPSTICK OUT OF A WHITE HAT- TAKE THEM WITH YOU EVERYWHERE!), extra earrings, a small sewing kit, bobby pins, safety pins, hairspray, band-aids…the list goes on and on. You can customize your emergency kit to fit your own needs. Everyone’s kit will be different but no matter the contents, I can promise you will appreciate having it with you when there’s an issue you quickly need to fix!




Let’s talk WINGS! These little devils can make your or break you. Wings are a rodeo queen staple but so many girls struggle with creating that perfect shape. It has taken me many years to perfect my wings, but I believe I have finally found a method that works for me. To create the perfect wing you will only need three things: a teasing brush, hairspray, and a volumizing powder.

Before I create my wing, I like to have my hair completely curled. Not locked down with hairspray yet, but have the curling portion of the hair process completed. I then break my wing into three sections and tease each section separately working from the front section to the back. Add a little volumizing powder and hairspray to each section before teasing to create some texture. When teasing, hold each section in one hand and tease with the other from the root of the hair and working your way up the shaft of the hair. The further you tease up, the larger your wing is going to be.

Most importantly, hold the section straight up and tease on the back-side of the section. DO NOT TEASE FROM THE EAR STRAIGHT OUT TO THE SIDE! This is where most girls have issues and don’t get the volume they are looking for. When you have a good “mess” of teased hair, use your teasing brush to smooth the hair back and into the desired shape. When you have the rounded look of a wing, set it with a large amount of hair spray. You can then spray the underside of the wing with hairspray and hold the hairspray bottle directly against the hair to create a smooth curve.



It’s time to talk fashion! Rodeo queen and western fashion cannot be compared to any other fashion in the world. It’s a very unique look that can only be achieved by people who truly understand the industry. As representatives for the western way of life, rodeo queens are models for western fashion. Therefore, it is very important every outfit is well planned and representing the current western fashions well. I believe bringing some of the “runway” fashion world into the western world is a great way for rodeo queens to be relatable to a large array of people.

Rodeo queens are expected to connect with people of all kinds. From the person who is at their first rodeo with no concept of the western way of life to the calf roper’s wife who is at her 5th rodeo this week, and everyone in between. You need to be able to relate to all of them. Here is an example of how combined the two fashion worlds to create an outfit that everyone could relate to.



Where do you get this modern yet western inspiration from? Learn how to use your resources! Facebook, Instagram, blogs such as this….use them all! One of my favorites for fashion inspiration is Pinterest. I am constantly “pinning” new ideas to create new looks. Here is an example.

I found the first picture on Pinterest and really liked the modern, western feel of it. I then created my own look based upon this picture. The second picture is the end result.

I used the classic western elements of lace, denim, and fringe to create a modern, layered look. I then topped it off with simple jewelry. I didn’t want to distract from the warm textures and colors of the classic western pieces. Ultimately, I created a great outfit from one idea on social media. To see more of the looks I love, follow me on Pinterest at “Logan Kinyon” and more specifically follow my board entitled “Miss Rodeo Iowa 2017.”



This will be the most important point I make. I hope you think carefully about the words I have to say and take them to heart. When it comes to fashion, no one has a better sense of your style than YOU! If you love an outfit, then girl go out in the world and rock it! Be confident in your clothing choices. Your confidence will radiate and people will love that outfit just as much as you. Fashion is the easiest way for rodeo queens to tell the world who they are without saying a word. If you love pink, then ROCK PINK! If you love lace, then ROCK LACE! If you love cheetah print, then ROCK CHEETAH PRINT!

I will be the first person to tell you that your image will proceed you. If you create an image that directly reflects who you are, people will feel like they know you even if they don’t. They will gain a sense of who you are inside. Your fashion choices can even reflect causes that you are passionate about. For instance, World Champion Tie Down Roper Tyson Durphy wears pink every time he is in the rodeo arena. It is evident that he is passionate about the Tough Enough To Wear Pink Campaign. This gives people the idea that he is a compassionate person who cares about others- ALL FROM HIS CLOTHING! So, choose wisely but be confident in your choices!


Thank you to all of you for allowing me to share some of my insight and knowledge! I truly enjoy sharing my experience as Miss Rodeo Iowa with others. If you have any questions or just want to chat sometime- please feel free to reach out to me! I would love to hear about your own rodeo queen journey. If you wish to keep up with my travels, please “like” my Facebook page: “Logan Kinyon- Miss Rodeo Iowa 2017” or following me on Instagram and Twitter at “Miss Rodeo Iowa 2017.” I hope to meet you all down my rodeo road. Until then, happy trails and God bless!


Much Love,


Logan Kinyon

Miss Rodeo Iowa 2017

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