True To Yourself: Bold & Classy

Hey Guys!

Today we are headed into our third installment of the True To Yourself series featuring Ariat footwear and denim. I don’t like to be biased when it comes to my outfits, but the pieces in this one really make it hard to stop staring. I wanted to go full western and pull out all the stops – leather, fringe, turquoise and layers upon layers of jewelry.

Of course, we have to start with the footwear furnished by Ariat. I am wearing the Jadyn booties with this outfit. I love these booties for their versatility – you can put them with trouser jeans for work or a skinny crop jean to show off the stud details and elephant print leather. To keep it kind of quirky, I paired them with a skinny jean to show off their assets, since I’m going all out with my accessories with this one. They have a simple zip back and slide on and off super easy. These are definitely one of my closet staples!

And just like that, we’re down to business – time to get dramatic! Obviously the accessories rule this look so I wanted to keep the shirt underneath understated. I chose this patterned tank for it’s earth tones and pops of turquoise to bring out my squash blossom.

Jeans: Grace in L.A.

Top: Von Maur

Jacket: Thrift Find

I am totally obsessed with this vintage jacket. I actually took my mom to a bohemian flea market for Mother’s Day (which was every boho girl’s dream, by the way) and saw this lovely fringe number hanging on a rack. I have no idea how old it is but it’s broke in and weathered just right. Who can deny the drama of layers of fringe? I mean, come on, it’s a classic.

Finally, we get to the finishing touches that bring this whole look to full western. Layers on layers of leather, silver and turquoise. Okay, we all know that real silver and turquoise is very expensive, so I mix authentic and replica but it still comes out super classy! On my neck I have three strands of copper navajo pearls, a silver and turquoise dream catcher, a leather bolo tie with a huge copper bolo and a squash blossom.

Copper Navajo Pearls: Lil Bees Bohemian

Dream Catcher Necklace: Walmart

Copper Bolo Tie: Baha Ranch Western Wear

Squash Blossom: Lil Bees Bohemian

I wore two rings: one is custom stamped leather, the other was a thick silver band. For a bracelet, I wore a neutral metallic beaded number. Finally, for earrings I made it a statement point and wore beaded navajo earrings. Woo – that was a lot.

Leather Ring: Eve West

Earrings: Western Edge LTD.

Overall with this look, I wanted to bring out all of the classic pieces you think of when you think western. The thing I love most about western wear is that it gets better with age – anyone can wear it, it never goes out of style and we will pay extra for the pieces that have been pawned around over the last 100 years or so. The west is timeless and the way we dress directly relates to our heritage and a lifestyle that runs generations deep for many people all across our nation.

No matter what I’m wearing, I love to represent this huge passion in my life!


I hope you all enjoyed this post! What did you think of my mountain of accessories? Did you have a favorite piece? Let me know in the comments!


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Love how you styled each and every one of your accessories! Absolutely perfect! ❤️ Gonna have to snag me a pair of those pearls from Lil Bees.

Thank you so much Marissa! I think my key is just layer jewelry until my neck hurts! haha those pearls and squash are both from Lil Bees – use my code ANDREA10 if you decide to snag something 😉

I love how your jewelry brings out the colors in your shirt. Beautiful as always! You always amaze me in how you can pull the most eye popping, beautiful outfits together! I am so proud of you!

Oh, Michelle, you are WAY too sweet! I’m so glad you enjoy seeing what I put together. Thank you for being so positive and encouraging!

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