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Okay, if I’m being totally honest – I have a weird relationship with packing. For instance, I made a spreadsheet (yes, it’s that serious okay) to organize the clothes I’m wearing in Vegas weeks ago, yet nothing is packed up in my suitcase yet. I’m huge on being organized but it takes me a little time to feel comfortable zipping my bag shut before I leave.

I know packing can be a little daunting for anyone, especially when you’re headed to an event that’s huge on fashion. So…here’s a little cheat sheet from me, your local western fashion blogger, on what works best for me and keeps me sane to make sure I’ve got everything I need. Read on for my tips!



Even though this list gets a little repetitive when you travel a lot (tooth brush…check) it’s a lifesaver. How many times do you stress out about packing only to figure out you left the most basic essential sitting on your bathroom counter? (tooth brush…not check)

When I fly, I split my list up by bag. So I make a section for my personal bag, which includes my work supplies, reading material, chargers, wallet…all of the essentials. Then I’ll make one for my carry on and finally my checked bag. It helps you organize your stuff efficiently and make a mental checklist with everything you need.



I know we all try to do this and end up shoving all the clothes we haven’t worn in three months into our bag in a panic, but hear me out. Think about the pieces that look chic with everything – a good pair of jeans, leggings, a leather jacket, a white tee…etc. Once you figure out what you’ll wear the most, you can start adding in your statement pieces.

So for me, I’ll pick a pair of black skinny jeans then lay out my sequin jacket, my sweater and a tunic that all work with them. That way I pack less stuff I won’t actually wear and have something that works even if I buy something new at Cowboy Christmas I want to wear right away. Don’t forget the same rule applies to shoes too. (that’s where I fall off the wagon) Pack a great pair of boots, some casual shoes and a dressy heel or bootie instead of buying an extra checked bag for your shoe collection, okay?



We all know NFR fashion is over the top, but don’t think you have to wear sequins and heels during the day if you don’t want to. Let’s be real, it’s a lot of walking and you want to take it easy on yourself before throwing on your all-out ensemble for the night time.

My go-to pieces are chunky sweaters, slouchy tunics, palazzo pants, graphic tees and good ole denim everything. Same goes for shoes – make sure to pack your fave pair of Twisted X’s or Ariat casuals for those long days of shopping and walking around town. Don’t worry, you can still look cute while being comfy at the same time. And P.S. – if you want to wear heels and sequins all day, you go girl!



This one burns me a little bit, because I’m such a tote bag girl, but make sure you pack a small bag. If you haven’t seen already, there are bag restrictions in the Thomas & Mack AND at Cowboy Christmas now, so you’re going to want a bag that holds just the essentials. Nothing’s worse than having to walk your bag all the way back to your hotel or car because it doesn’t pass the restrictions. It’s not like I’ve done that or anything…(*cough* the American *cough*)

Bring something you can throw an ID, cash and your phone in. If you don’t have anything at home though, don’t worry, there are TONS of vendors with super cute options that meet the guidelines for purchase at Cowboy Christmas. Just make sure you keep it light whenever you leave the hotel or casinos. I wouldn’t be surprised if other venues around town adopt the same policies, so it’s best just to be prepared.



This goes hand-in-hand with my first tip, but really comes in handy when you’re pulling out your outfits and getting ready. For instance, I keep all of my work things in one bag, my accessories/jewelry/bags/boots in another, all of my makeup and hair supplies are together and my clothes are separated by outfit. To avoid making a huge pile of mess in your hotel room, I recommend taking the extra time to organize it when you pack.

That way, when you go to look for your next outfit, add an accessory or touch up your makeup, you know exactly where everything is and can keep it together without having to dig around in the depths of your suitcase. You’ll thank yourself when you go to pack everything up when you check out later, trust me.



This discovery for me was such a duh-moment. I spent years just throwing my dirty clothes under the nearest table or chair to keep them separate from the clean clothes in my bag, and I know I’m not alone here, admit it.

But really, make sure you pack a laundry bag. It keeps your clothes together so you don’t lose anything in the hotel room and makes it super easy to re-pack your bag up when you’re fixing to leave. I mean, it can’t get any easier than throwing your bag of clothes back in your suitcase. Plus, it’s an easy dump in the laundry basket when you get home. Easy, painless, a simple hack that will get you far in your living-out-of-a-suitcase adventure.


Hopefully these tips are helpful for making your packing a little smoother and less stressful. What are your best packing tips? Let me know in the comments.

Stay unique, sisters!

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