Rocky Mountain High: Thoughts After Colorado

Hey Friends!

It’s another Monday – another start to the week. I’m not one for new year’s resolutions, but I’ve definitely been stuck on the idea of new beginnings this January. We all get stuck in our ruts in every day life, and I think that’s why everyone feels so renewed the first month of the year. January comes as a new opportunity to start over, start a new adventure or set bigger goals.

One of my goals for this year is bringing you all beyond fashion and style on my blog. I want you to see my perspective, my life and my true, authentic self. Not that I’ve been hiding myself, but I want to share more of my story publicly. For being such an outgoing person, I’m also very private and don’t automatically pick up my phone to share my experiences.

After an incredible few days in Denver for WESA and the Western Summit, I came home and just took a few days to decompress. I met so many people, had so many great moments and became a better person through new situations. It wasn’t until I got home and was alone that I realized how much has already happened in a matter of weeks. So far this year, I’ve taken on many new projects and have started to step out on the edge of going after everything I want out of life. In my pursuit of dreams, I’ve learned a few things:


No matter how often Instagram tries to lie to us, no one has life figured out. If you’re feeling alone in a crowded room, you’re probably not alone. We’re all facing our own fears, insecurities and demons when we wake up in the morning. I’ve learned to laugh off the things I mess up and the things I don’t know. I remember taking a cab with another blogger in Denver, and she told me she was totally intimidated by some of the people in the room, some of the business meetings she walked into. For me, this was eye opening: she’s so much bigger than me! She’s one of “those girls” who’s been in the community for awhile. Stop looking at what everyone else is doing and just focus on your own path. We all struggle with the same things – the only difference is some of us are more up front about it than others.


Again, I’m looking at you, Instagram. I hate how there’s an aesthetic attached to our culture and what we do. There’s an expectation that you’re always dressed to the nines in western couture, shooting professional photos in the mountains – tooled leather, thousands of dollars of turquoise and designer everything. While I love all of these things, that’s an unattainable standard that I refuse to hold up. It’s totally amazing how far you’ll get when you decide that who you are in real life is totally enough. If you lose followers over your true self, try to see it as making room for those who will really appreciate you and what you do. No one can keep up a facade forever – if you commit to being yourself, you’ll be noticed. You’ll stand out.


I’m one of those people who love to organize and plan. I have calendars and planner and apps that keep my schedule for months at a time – I’m a total lover of control and the familiar. When it comes time for me to do something unplanned or unexpected, I definitely freeze up a little bit. I hear the doubts go through my head when I haven’t had a chance to rehearse, to practice, to not fail. But I’ve learned the longer you sit on that edge of doubt, the more you mess with your own success. I’ve learned that you have to just grab hold of the fear and ride it off the cliff. You have the power to turn obstacles into opportunities – there is no fail, only win or learn.


I caught myself looking back on photos from a year ago the other day, and this realization hit me like a wave. I’ve come SO far in a year. I wasn’t even sure what I was really doing, and I grew by leaps and bounds, both personally and professionally. So, what would happen if I shot for the moon, had skyscraper dreams and put my whole heart into every project I put out into the world? Wow. Stop being conservative with your dreams. As a girl from the midwest whose been humbly dismissing her biggest dreams for years, let me tell you: you CAN do bigger. Don’t let your surroundings keep you from moving higher than those who can’t see your vision. Believe it’s possible and work passionately – then look back a year from now and be amazed.

I’m ready to start seeing Mondays as another chance to start over, to do something new. I hope you guys take some time today to reflect on your own thoughts, set some big goals and see the opportunities that hide in the form of hard work.

Stay unique, sisters!

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