Pack A Sack & Go: The Art Of Traveling Light and Dreaming Heavy

Hey guys!

As I plan out my year of traveling for the blog, rodeo and fashion, I can’t help think of how blessed I am to have the opportunity to adventure as a job. After spending so many summers on the rodeo road as a competitor, picking up and hauling to another state alone, unannounced, I’ve realized how those times have shaped my perspective on travel.

I remember back in high school, I always tried to get my friends to plan a road trip with me. I was always met with excitement followed by a lot of hemming and hawing about making plans too quickly, not having time to pack or not having been where I suggested. Sure, high school is a little complicated since parental permission is involved, but the same pattern happened in college every time I planned a getaway for my friends. When it came down to it – they were scared.

It’s totally weird to me that some people feel fenced in by invisible borders – limitations, responsibilities, fear of the unknown. I tried to convince them for years that it was as simple as throwing a backpack into your car and driving, but that idea was always thrown off the table. Lucky for me, my husband Marshall shares the same outlook on adventure – just do it. There have been so many times we’ve just jumped in the truck and driven across the country on a whim. So that’s my mission today – I want to break down those borders we set up for ourselves of why we can’t – why we’re stuck where we are. Let’s address a few misconceptions about taking your travels out on the road:


Okay, obviously this depends on where you’re going and what you envision, but most of the time when I hear this excuse, no one is planning an all-expenses-paid Hawaiian vacation. Minus a few specific trips per year, when I travel for a week or longer, I spend less than 500 dollars total. That includes food, gas, lodging and fun. And who said getting out has to be a huge endeavor? There’s so many refreshing trips that involve driving four hours one way to see something unique, just for a day. It’s all about being creative and savvy with how you spend your money.


Let me tell you a really quick story. One time, I applied for this rodeo internship in Austin, Texas just for fun. They told me I was hired and my first day was a week and a half later. I packed a few laundry baskets full of clothes, my toothbrush and my dog and moved. If that story gave you anxiety, this article is for you, my friend! We cut ourselves off from so many opportunities not because something isn’t planned, but because it’s a little uncomfortable and inconvenient to make things work. When we succumb to the urge to only embrace the predictable, we lose sight of adventure and opportunity is lost.


My question is who? Who doesn’t travel more than a couple times per year? While this may be true of society as a whole, why are we basing our standards for how we want to live by corporate vacation policies? I know I’m on the edge of sounding like a hippie, but there’s no rule saying you have to stay in your hometown until your expensive vacation once per year. Maybe that sounds black and white but think of all the times you stopped yourself from entertaining a trip simply because it didn’t fit the norm. Let me be the one to tell you, the norm is stupid.



The road to freedom isn’t based in traveling the globe, but it can help shift our perspectives about life and who we are as people. Traveling for me is far more about understanding that I’m in control of my own life and I’m allowed to change my direction at any time. I refuse to let myself get stuck in a life I’m no longer passionate about because I’m afraid to change roads. I want to live nothing short of passionate, inspired and grateful – I hope you decide the same for yourself.

Stay unique, sisters!

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