The Rodeo Mrs. Takes Texas

Hi Friends!

After two weeks of running around in Texas, I’m finally settled back home in our 20 degree weather. I’m coming to you today from my favorite hometown coffee shop, eating homemade tomato soup and grilled cheese…hey, not everything about Iowa winters sucks, right?

I tried my best to keep everyone updated on Instagram, but I know I missed a lot too, sooo… I decided to do a fun trip wrap up to let y’all know what I’ve been up to lately.

We drove down Tuesday night in an ice storm, which was interesting. The way southerners react to winter weather compared to the midwest is pretty funny…I’m talking going 5 mph on the interstate, closing down businesses and booking a hotel because the power’s been out for an hour. In our neck of the woods, you might be without power for a week, making grilled cheese sandwiches over a fire, but I digress.

We ended up pulling off in Oklahoma City to ride out ice storm mania and finishing the drive to Weatherford in the morning. We stayed with one of my influencer friends, Brandi Michelle of Western Atelier. (Go check her out on Insta if you don’t follow her already!) She was gracious to host us for two weeks and show us around Fort Worth as a local, which was awesome.

The next two days we spent in the Fort Worth Stockyards, or “Northside” as the locals call it. We spent a lot of time visiting with businesses and scouting out locations for a photoshoot later in the week. For those of you who have never been to the American, the Stockyards are a mad house the entire weekend. One of the store managers told me it’s busier than Black Friday. So needless to say, everyone was busy keeping up with the business rush. We ran into so many familiar faces, influencers and brands alike – it was great to see everyone again!

Saturday, we were back in the Stockyards again, but this time, just to enjoy the action and meet up with more people. I actually ended up running into one of my best friends who moved to Kentucky to train futurity horses. I haven’t seen him since Christmas so it was a great surprise! That afternoon, we watched the Denim & Velvet fashion show and hung with some of my favorite models. Katy Jade and Janzen did a fabulous job putting it on!

Sunday was obviously the American, so we took it easy with a late brunch before heading over to AT&T that afternoon. Not gonna lie, it’s hard to meet up with people in that arena. I’m pretty sure I made my step count three times over just trying to figure out where everyone was at. But, once I found everyone, it was well worth the walk. The American is one of my favorite rodeos of the year, just for the sheer magnitude and seeing rodeo put on such a big stage. It gives me all the feels when I look down on the arena, and that’s what it’s all about.

Monday was probably one of the highlights of the trip for me. I’d been stressing my butt off putting together a photo shoot from 1000 miles away, but it was SO worth it! I’d been wanting to do an influencer edition of my Style For Every Body series, and I couldn’t have picked a better group of ladies to represent the message. We worked with fabulous stores and had a perfect day to shoot everything. Having such a great group of models made all the difference…there’s nothing like having your own personal cheer section with you’re in front of the camera, let me tell you!

On Tuesday, I ran around Fort Worth for business meetings, then that evening, Brandi and I hosted a Western Round Table where we bring everyone together to talk western industry topics and lift up other western bosses building their businesses. It was so great to get to know more people in our corner of the industry. If you’re a blogger/influencer/boutique/brand/designer/photographer (takes deep breath) go join our Western Media Round Table group on Facebook – our next discussion is on April 6th!

We were actually supposed to go home on Wednesday morning, but I ended up extending my trip to attend the Bodacious Babes of the West Conference over the weekend. There were 30 or so of amazing western boss babes all in one place to learn new business strategies, make connections and have a little fun. I learned so much and made some new friends, which was a fabulous end to our trip. Thank you to Kaylee and Brooklyn for organizing it!

In case you didn’t know, there’s an AWESOME giveaway connected to this blog post – I can’t tell you what it is just yet, but you definitely don’t want to miss out!

Head on over to my Instagram (the_rodeo_mrs) and DM me the answer to these four questions to be entered in the drawing:

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I’ll be announcing the winner this Saturday at 12 pm, so stay tuned!

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