Bringing Country Flair Downtown

Hey Everyone!

Today on the blog I wanted to bring you guys a little outfit inspiration mixed with a little note of encouragement. As much as I love being out in wide open country and breathing in ranch air, I love running around town mingling with people and discovering new places to hang out. I’m a regular at our “country” bar in town and love to hit up a local coffee shop after church on a Sunday.

I used to feel like I had to pick a place that I fit in, and stick to it. Like, if I enjoyed spending Saturday nights in town, I somehow lost my western card. Luckily, that’s totally not the case. On the flip side, I used to feel super self conscious wearing boots or a big bling belt downtown, like I would be judged for being different. I know there’s a lot of girls who feel like I did, so I’m here to give you a friendly reminder: IT DOESN’T MATTER.

You can live on a ranch and love getting dolled up on the weekends. You can wear fringe in a cocktail bar or red lipstick riding colts. Do your thing. Be confident in what makes you, you. Don’t let anyone’s opinion sway the truth that you’re allowed to be anything, and everything you want to be. There’s no box to fit in. Carry on.

In spirit of that reminder, here’s a fun look I shot downtown mixing western and urban trends for fall. (funny looks from by-passers not included)

I started this look out with a sophisticated pair of trouser jeans. If you’re a regular around here, you know about my obsession with trousers, but they’re officially in season so get ready to see a lot more of them! This pair of Ariat trousers is a perfect business casual look in town, or can be perfectly paired with leather and silver for a rodeo.

On top, I’m wearing a Cinch women’s button down with a turquoise pinstripe design. Pinstripes have been a huge trend in the city (like, literally forever) and were huge in the livestock show ring this summer as well. The fact that the pinstripes are turquoise makes it a great addition to a western wardrobe. We wear so many complimentary colors to turquoise, it gets its use!

On top of my button down, I’m wearing a fur vest with embroidery details from Target. I love the white faux fur for both fall and spring, and the details are undeniably western. The colors truly compliment anything you could put underneath it. I also love the fur for its texture – it really blends well with the pinstripes.

For boots, I’m wearing a brand new pair of Ariat square toes from their fall 2017 line. Keep an eye out for these exotic patchwork boots to hit shelves soon! They’re gorgeous shades of exotic hide stitched with burgundy details. This will be my go-to boot this fall, hands down.

Now for the accessories – this is the really fun part. All of the jewelry and the handbag are from Stone Feather Road in Cedar Falls, Iowa. I discovered this shop in Cheyenne at the Frontier Days, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Time for my favorite piece – the handbag. This cowhide tote is HUGE and luxurious. I love it because it’s so lightweight and can carry anything you throw at it. You seriously don’t have to dress up at all with this bag, it screams fashion by itself. Trust me – I’ve carried it to the nail salon in yoga pants and everyone comments on my great taste.

The necklaces are natural stones with cream and turquoise colors. They compliment the vest and top perfectly and make a statement with the large, layered stones. The cuff is made of leather and has a large turquoise accent piece. All the jewelry is designed by the owner of Stone Feather Road, Paula Lorenz.

Did you enjoy this look? How do you bring western style to town? Let me know in the comments.

Stay you, and stay unique my friends!

The Rodeo Mrs Story

Hello All!

My name is Andrea Thorp, and I am the rodeo Mrs.

I am a 23 year old midwestern girl from Iowa, but don’t let location fool you – my true passion has been rodeo since I was just a little girl. I started riding horses with my grandpa when I was five years old, which eventually grew into a barrel racing obsession. After competing in the NBHA for eight years, I was introduced to my now-husband, Marshall.

Marshall grew up in a very involved rodeo family and had been a calf roper since he was young. He was the force that converted me from barrel races to rodeos and helped me fulfill my lifelong dream of being involved in the western industry.

I attended Iowa State University and was an active member of their rodeo team, even though it was small. For my first season, I was actually the only team member and paid for everything out of my own pocket! Regardless of the struggles, I absolutely loved the atmosphere and meeting people from all over the midwest. I knew from my freshman year that I wanted to pursue something in rodeo, but now I was ready to get involved.

My first experience was a work-study with Barnes PRCA Rodeo Company in Cherokee, Iowa. I learned about rodeo stock, helped them develop new marketing strategies and got to know Marty and Westin Barnes throughout the week I stayed with them. To this day I consider them as the rodeo gems of Iowa.

The summer after my experience with Barnes PRCA Rodeo, I went to intern under Susan Kanode at the College National Finals Rodeo in Casper, Wyoming. I worked with the media and got to interview some of the top college athletes in the nation, some of which were also NFR qualifiers. Susan lives one of the most fascinating lives and I relished spending time learning and working with her.

Although I loved my experiences up to this point, I took my biggest leap of faith yet in December of last year. Looking for a new internship, I stumbled upon an opening in Austin, Texas at Rodeo Austin. Being married and in college, I never thought I could manage moving 1000 miles away from home, working full time as well as being a full time student. I did it anyway. Marshall and I moved 16 hours away from home and rented a room in town from Craigslist while we both worked at the rodeo.

This experience was so rewarding as I got to see new sides of the industry and get an in-depth look at what it takes to put on a top five PRCA rodeo. While I loved every minute of it, I knew I wanted to be my own boss while following the rodeo trail myself, so we moved back to Iowa. Marshall is an aspiring business owner who has projects in the state and I am pursuing the western industry from every angle imaginable.

I love western fashion, cowboy culture, Native American history, midwestern traditions and all things involving the great sport of rodeo. I am truly excited to document my experiences here and I hope you all enjoy getting a glimpse into the life I love.

First Signs Of Fall

Hi Everyone!

Wow, the last few weeks of summer have just flown by. I’m always the first one anticipating everything fall while everyone else is enjoying the last trips out on the lake or at the county fair. I know I’ve been a little MIA – I worked at the Iowa State Fair for a week and am now preparing to head up north to the Minnesota State Fair tonight. Nothing makes the summer weeks fly by like working fourteen hour days, let me tell you!

When I got back home, I couldn’t help but throw on my favorite fall dress and style it up for some fun pre-fall fashion. This beautiful red floral maxi dress from Filly Flair made its first appearance on my blog last year and everyone was in love with it. A year later, and it was still the first piece I pulled out to wear as soon as the cooler weather hit. It has beautiful, warm tones in red and gold, which look good on anyone.

For this look, I wanted to show off my fun shoes by Ariat – the Layla – so I tied up the maxi in the front. It totally brings a different twist to the whole look without adding anything extra. These shoes are too fun with silver fringe. They also have a distressed look so you can wear them with brown, black, or pretty much any other color. They add a fun, playful element that I just adore.

To give myself a little extra shape, I added a waist belt with one of my buckles. I love to add my own personal touch to a western outfit by adding a buckle – it’s a personal connection to the style and a way to show your pride in your sport too!

I topped this outfit off with tons of native jewelry, a fringe clutch by LOV Leathers and a vintage cowboy fedora. Most of this jewelry came from my grandma’s collection except for a few turquoise pieces I picked up on a recent trip to South Dakota. The fringe clutch totally makes the whole look come together with the mustard color – it pulls out the rich gold in the dress and ties the turquoise pieces together with its turquoise stone detail.

This hat is such a cool statement piece – it actually came from one of my good friend’s great grandfather. She brought it on our trip to Wyoming and I fell in love with it. Being the sweet friend she is, she let me give it a new home where it could be on display in photos often. I totally love it and the vintage twist it gives this outfit. Expect to see it in more photos in the future, for sure!

Are you ready for fall? What did you think of my first outfit of fall? Let me know in the comments!

One Accessory, Three Looks

Happy Monday Everyone!

It’s the start of another week, and as usual, I love to bring a little fresh inspiration for your closet. I believe getting dressed is one of the best things you do for yourself every morning. What you decided to put on can set the tone for the whole day, from your clothes to your accessories. Even though my closet is full of fun things to put on, it can definitely get a little uninspiring every once in awhile when I haven’t bought anything knew. But don’t fear – all you need is a little shift in your perspective.

It’s no secret that I’m a total bag lady. It doesn’t matter if it’s a tote, crossbody or clutch – I love them all. But, sometimes you can get new outfit inspiration simply by planning your pieces around an awesome accessory. For today’s inspiration, I picked this beautiful clutch from LOV Leathers. It’s a mustard deerskin clutch with fringe and a turquoise pin. It’s simple, western and brings a pop of color to any outfit. It’s a perfect go to piece. Here are three outfits I planned around this gorgeous piece.


This outfit was a fun, laid back ensemble with some easy western flair added in. I wore this outfit to my first day at the Cheyenne Frontier Days last month and it was a great choice.

I started my outfit with my go-to pair of Ariat trouser jeans paired with a fun graphic tank from Target. I love this tank because the saying totally embodies what I’m about, plus it’s super comfy for a weekday rodeo look. I threw on this vintage, southwestern vest to bring up the style a little bit and threw on some cheetah boots by Ariat. After adding a vintage bolo tie and a cowboy hat, all that was left to complete this outfit was the bag! It’s amazing how the perfect bag can really bring together a bunch of amazing pieces.


This is one of my favorite outfits I’ve probably ever worn. It’s been awhile since I looked in the mirror and wasn’t totally sure that everything worked together. There’s something fun about doing the unexpected, something that might not be everyone’s taste. That’s the catch to being interesting, you’ll be controversial at times!

I had so much fun wearing this outfit and it was so simple to put together. Not surprising, I’m starting my look with the same pair of Ariat trouser jeans and a Target graphic tank. I don’t know what got into me the last time I made a Target run, but I was totally obsessed with all the cute graphic numbers that I had to buy a few. This particular one says “Stay Stoked” and is a pale pink color.

Next, I added my favorite piece in my closet – my serape duster. This piece is GOR-GEOUS and can be worn in so many different ways. It really brings some drama to the look, which I love. I slipped on a pair of aztec moccasins (also Target, go figure!) and my friend’s vintage fedora. After adding a turquoise bolo and a few rings and native cuffs, I finished the look with the same clutch. With everything going on, I got the most compliments on my bag than anything else about my ensemble which says a lot with this get up!


This outfit is totally opposite of the last one – it’s SO simple. There are literally only four elements to this whole look, and I’m all here for the simplicity of it. Sometimes after piling on all of the accessories all day, I just don’t want to think too hard about what I’m putting on. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t want to feel put together. With this look, I don’t have to compromise.

Just like the previous two outfits, I’m wearing my Ariat trouser jeans. These have become a serious staple in my closet. They are so cool and easy to wear, so I find myself slipping into them ALL the time. The piece that really lets me get away with keeping things so simple is the statement denim button down. I found this at my local goodwill (score, right?) and I knew I had to have it. To most people, it looks like a cowboy costume, but for me it was everything I want in a vintage shirt. It has gold stud and brown fringe and classic western embroidery.

All I really had to add after the pants and shirt, (you know, the essentials) I just added my beautiful turquoise cluster ring for jewelry. I bought this piece in Deadwood, South Dakota on my last trip as a souvenir and it’s just stunning. I actually got it half off in a native jewelry store, so I love to show it off. It’s big enough that it warrants not adding any other pieces. Finally, I added the mustard clutch again which brings out the gold studs on my shirt and ties in my turquoise as well.


I hope you enjoyed my outfits today and found some inspiration. You don’t have to go out and buy the latest thing to stay stylish – sometimes you just need to take a second look at what you have to be re-inspired.

Did you like these outfits? What did you think of how I styled this clutch? Let me know in the comments!

Meet The Artisan of LOV Leathers – Jennifer Anderson

Hey Everyone!

As some of you may have noticed, I took a little hiatus from the blog after my trip to Wyoming. It was so amazing to get out in the open air and just let my worries fade away, but we are back to work this week. Let’s get started!

I found LOV Leathers around six months ago and have been hooked ever since. Jennifer Anderson is a one-man, leather-making show who creates fabulous handbags, clutches and jewelry. I love her work because it screams western with a classy twist on the styling. LOV Leathers was the first business to really make me fall in love with oversized clutches, and my love for her work just keeps increasing the more I wear it. The tooling ranges from simple to elaborate, and her designs are always fresh and on trend with the season. Oh, and I forgot to mention the best part – her work is totally affordable. If you’re in need of a statement piece but don’t want to break the bank, Jennifer has the piece for you, I guarantee it!


I caught up with Jennifer to hear her story about how she started her business and what it means to her. Check out what she had to say about her journey with LOV.

How did LOV Leathers start? 
I started my leather business in 2011. It all started after I started riding on motorcycles with my husband. We spent a lot of time riding and I wanted cool gear to add to my leather chaps and jackets. I have always been intrigued by vintage fashion and leather – as we have traveled on the motorcycle on many stops, I was always picking up cool pieces, but a lot were not my particular style. I wanted to to make some original cuffs to wear while riding and then my business was born: I started to make leather cuffs and getting custom orders.
I lived in Wyoming for 4 years and of course the winters were long, so it allowed to me expand my craft. I started to make bags, clutches, wallets, and jewelry. Wyoming allowed me to be immersed into western culture, women started to ask me to make them belts, cuffs, and bags at the ranch. I started my Etsy shop with some pretty basic purses and started to get pretty busy. I took a break for a bit when we moved back to Colorado so I could focus on my other job. Actually, I almost packed everything up and was thinking of selling all my tools, but something kept telling me not to. As I unpacked and set up my studio it all started to come back and this year I decided to create my LLC, I knew I had nothing to lose.
Does your brand name have any special meaning?
The LOV actually means Lady of the Valley, it is a tribute to many women, wives, and mothers living in the mountains valleys. There is something about living among mountains as well as valleys. Valleys are interesting to me – its where people merge together among rivers, wildlife, hard weather, scarce resources, and vast skies. There is something sacred and spiritual about these areas. Everyone who experiences living in a mountain valley, as I did in Wyoming understand the beauty and the hardships. Valleys bring people together in a small intimate way.
What do you want your work to represent?
I want it to represent the west. My designs are of southwestern style while embracing nature with floral designs and elegance. I want my work to represent fearless women who may ride a motorcycle or elegant, timeless, vintage fashion with an edge. It is all perspective, but I hope to represent a timeless craft of western fashion.


4. How do you come up with new designs?
I try to spend a lot of time in nature – going on hikes and drives in Colorado help me with color schemes and inspiration for design. I spend a lot of time looking into vintage style and designers of leatherwork. Sometimes I do no planning at all, leather is interesting to work with – if you listen, it tells you what to do. I know that sounds cheesy, but most of the time, the way the leather has formed will tell you how to design a purse or clutch.
What’s your favorite part about working with leather?
Leather tells a story, the brands, the shapes, how it’s dyed. I love animals and I believe working with leather actually shows the respect and beauty that they produce. Leather can be formed, dyed, molded, stamped, tooled so on and so forth, it’s limitless. It tells you what to do, it teaches you and shows you that design can be organic and natural.
What can we expect from you for the fall?
I am so excited to show you! I will be adding a housewares line: pillows, coasters, and wall hangings this fall. I will also be working on a clothing line that will include leather vests and clothing accessories. Fall will include color scheme of gold, plums, some deep greens, and muted tan tones.
What inspires you about the western community?
I miss working on a ranch!  The wranglers, ranch managers, horses, cows and ranch dogs became my family. I enjoyed the community of women who worked hard and supported each other. I want to stay connected to people with the same ideals, truths, and beliefs as me.
What’s been the biggest challenge of starting your own business?
My biggest challenge is broadening my customer base. I’m growing but would love to expand my brand to more areas. Gaining true customers is a daily battle, but I also feel referrals and word of mouth helps. Another big challenge is production, I am a one woman show so often times it is hard to produce a lot of product because working with leather takes time.
What’s been your favorite part about starting your own business?
Meeting fellow business owners who are sharing the same journey. The best part has been the collaborations that I have done, meeting new people at markets and shows, and sharing stories with other artisans who are in the same boat and going through all the same challenges. 
What are you most looking forward to in the future?
I am most looking forward to growing and expanding my line. I am extremely excited to start working on some new designs in this coming year. I am also looking forward to doing more collaborations with influencers and bloggers as well as meeting more women in the western community.
 Isn’t she cool? Make sure you give LOV Leathers a follow on Instagram and check out her website as well!
Instagram: @LOVLeathers
That’s it for today but keep checking back to see more of Jennifer’s beautiful work styled by yours truly.
Until next time, sisters!

Vintage Vibes In Cheyenne

Hi Gals!

I hope you’re all having a fantastic week so far – I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday. I don’t know what it is, but since I arrived out west, it seems like the days are endless but yet the week is going fast. It’s been such a nice break to have no cell service so I can truly take in the open spaces and breathtaking landscapes. Sometimes you just need space to clear your mind and reflect on everything going on in your life, and this trip has truly acted as medicine for me.

I wish I could bring all of you with me, but since that’s not possible, I wanted to share some outfit inspiration that reflects some of the beauty you find out here in Wyoming.

This outfit was inspired by some of my favorite vintage pieces in my closet. I’ve had the chance to explore my parents’ and grandparents’ closets for inspiration but haven’t yet used many of the pieces I found. The base of this outfit was formed around my denim – the Alex by Kimes Ranch Jeans. This is one of my favorite pairs of jeans for the details and wash. They are the perfect length, even with these open toe booties with a heel.

Jeans – Alex by Kimes Ranch Jeans

Booties – Lindsley by Ariat

On the top half, I started with a denim top I got on the clearance rack at Target. I have so many denim shirts, but I love this one for the peplum style and the v-neck cut. It’s super sturdy material, almost like a real pair of jeans. I then added this southwestern inspired vest on top, which was hidden in the back of my mom’s closet. I saw it and knew I had to work with it! The colors are both earthy and bold, making it a perfect statement piece. Also, notice that beautiful buckskin leather clutch with a Wyoming bucking horse tooled in it – perfect for a Wyoming photo shoot, right?

Denim Tank – Target

Vest – Vintage Find

Envelope Clutch – Lady of the Valley Leathers

Moving onto accessories, I layered two bolo ties – one large copper bolo and a smaller native stone bolo. I thought they looked interesting together and brought balance to the top half of the outfit. Next, I added three pieces that go effortlessly together – in fact, I think they may have been a set. The spiny oyster cuff, statement ring and earrings all came from my grandma’s collection and give the perfect hint of color to the accessories while still keeping the look very earthy. I also added a leather cuff, a second silver cuff and a silver ring for added interest.

What did you think about this western look? Let me know in the comments!


Cheyenne Frontier Days & Open Range

Hey Everyone!

I am only two days into my trip out west, but I’ve had enough adventures to fill a full week. After we got in to Cheyenne on Sunday morning, we drove out to my friend Whitney’s family who lives on a ranch outside of the city about 40 miles. We have no cell service, so it makes posting updates a challenge! So far, we’ve spent a lot of our time riding around the range land in awe of the scenery, killing rattlesnakes and taking photos in some of the most breathtaking landscapes imaginable.

On a whim, we decided to head back into Cheyenne today to grab some food and poke around the Frontier Days grounds and ended up staying there all afternoon. Driving up I-25 passing the rodeo grounds was a surreal moment for me. You know when you see something in photos so many times then see it in person? The grandstand gave me that feeling. I couldn’t be more excited to finally be stepping foot in those legendary grand stands.

Graphic Tank: Target

Southwestern Vest: Ebay

Hat: Serratelli

Trouser Jean: Ariat

Cheetah Boots: Ariat

Mustard Fringe Clutch: Lady of the Valley Leathers

I was truly amazed that you can get into the grounds for three dollars – most big pro rodeos we go to charge between 15 and 30 dollars, not including rodeo tickets to get in. We wandered around the vendors for hours after grabbing a bite to eat at The Buckle Club where we watched some of the afternoon performance. We have tickets to the rodeo on Wednesday night, so we just stopped in for the fun of it before heading back out to the ranch.

I didn’t know if it was possible to capture the beauty of the bluffs and rolling hills of Wyoming, but I think some of our photos got pretty close. These photos are all taken from the driveway, which is also a highway – yes, the highway literally pulls right up to the house. Can you imagine having these views from your kitchen window?

Have you ever been to Cheyenne Frontier Days? Let me know in the comments! Stay in touch during the week – there’s going to be a lot of new things going up.


A Week Out West: Rodeo Update

Hey Everyone!

I know y’all are probably expecting a fashion post today, but things are going to be a little different this week – I’m actually writing this at 6 am on Sunday morning from Cheyenne, Wyoming! One of my good friends and I drove through the night and are sitting in a Starbucks getting some work done before we head out to unpack at the ranch. (Boss babe status, we know.)

For those of you who don’t already know, I’ve been planning a trip to the Cheyenne Frontier Days rodeo as well as the Days of 76 rodeo in Deadwood, South Dakota. Deadwood is one of my favorite places to visit and I’ve always wanted to visit Cheyenne, so we just decided to go for it. I’m so excited to be sharing western fashion, event highlights and even some travel tips with you all as well.

So, since this isn’t a normal week, expect my posting schedule to be a little different. I will be adding a few posts to the site as well as daily Instagram updates, so make sure you’re following me to check out what we’re up to through the week!

We will be in Cheyenne through Wednesday, then head to Deadwood where we’ll be until next Sunday.

I’m SO looking forward to this week and all the adventures I’ll have to share – talk to y’all very soon!


Looks With Less – Western Inspired Eyes & Lips


Hey Gals!

I am officially three days away from heading out to Wyoming for the Cheyenne Frontier Days and boy, it came up on me fast. I’m starting to get everything packed and put together, and if you read last week’s post – you know that I’m a chronic over-packer. So, I decided for today’s blog, I’d throw together three quick looks that are western inspired that you can create with one eyeshadow palette and lip color.

For the eyeshadow, I’ll be using the Modern Renaissance palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills. I have been in love with this palette for a year and just recently purchased it after waiting forever. It totally lives up to all my expectations – pigmented, easy to work with and the colors are to die for. When I see the colors in this palette, I just think southwestern desert, which makes it really easy to get inspired.

In the spirit of packing less and getting more out of your product, I’m only using one lip color today. This beautiful brick red color is LipSense by Senegence, and goes by the name Currant. For those of you who haven’t tried LipSense yet, it’s extremely long lasting color that holds up for 18 hours. You can eat, drink and live life without the worry of your lipstick smudging throughout the day, which is what I live for.

Nothing annoys me faster than to check my lipstick every half hour! I also love that you don’t have to use very much – a little goes a LONG way, which means your product goes the distance too! There is also a large selection of colors, so look no further for your perfect shade. If you’re interested in purchasing your own LipSense color, I know a sweet gal by the name of Shania who provided me this beautiful color to try. Go check out her social media pages for more details!

Shania’s Instagram:

Shania’s Facebook:

Read on to see my Modern Renaissance inspiration – also, make note that I didn’t finish the entire look with eyeliner and eyelashes – that is so you can better see the colors!




This look is inspired by the Arizona landscape and the colors you might find there. Here are the colors in this look and where they are placed. Don’t forget to blend them so there are no harsh lines!

Base: Burnt Orange

Crease Base: Realgar

Crease Top: Venetian Red

Lid: Red Ochre

Lower Lash Line Base: Burnt Orange

Lower Lash Line Outer Corner: Venetian Red

I love the drama of a smoky sunset eye, especially with red and orange hues in it. The deep reds and oranges bring out my dark features and really give them a pop, especially once I add eyelashes and finish the look!




This look is meant to be a neutral option for when you just want a nice, simple finish on your eyes. This palette has beautiful nude color options, so you could definitely play around with them to change up the colors as you’d like. Here are the colors and placement for this neutral look:

Base: Golden Ochre

Crease Base: Burnt Orange

Crease Top: Raw Sienna

Outer Corner: Cyprus Umber

Lid: Primavera

Lower Lash Line Base: Raw Sienna

Lower Lash Line Outer Corner: Cyprus Umber

My favorite part about this look is the lid color, Primavera. After creating a very subtle, brown smoky eye, this gold glitter brings it to life and lights up your eyes. I applied the glitter to the inner half of my lid and blended it with the outer corner color.


This look is inspired by an open, western sunrise. When I first opened this palette, my eyes were immediately drawn to the pink shades, so I have been playing with them quite a bit. I wanted to create a halo effect on my eye, so I blended the crease colors on my inner and outer corner, putting glitter in the center of the lid. Here are the colors I used and where I applied them:

Base: Buon Fresco

Crease Base: Love Letter

Crease Top: Venetian Red

Lid: Antique Bronze / Vermeer

Lower Lash Line Base: Antique Bronze



I hope you all got some inspiration from my western inspired looks – if you recreate them, let me know in the comments! Be on the lookout for looks from the Cheyenne Frontier Days and Days of 76 Rodeos next week – talk with you all soon!


True To Yourself: Flashy & Sassy

Hey Everyone!

Yes, we are down to the last installment of my True To Yourself series where I have put together outfits that express my personality featuring Ariat footwear and denim. For this last installment, I wanted to play with some of the western trends this season to create a sassy, fun look.


Of course the focus of this outfit is on the shoes! These are the Ariat Unbridled Layla’s and they are lookers, am I right? I have been dressing these up for more formal occasions but today, I wanted to use them to kick the sass up a notch! These booties come in this antique silver color as well as a neutral tan – they are both beautiful! Fringe booties are so on trend and these just really take the cake – they are so flashy and made to last.

The best complement for this sassy ensemble has to be the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans. This pair is the Ariat Boyfriend Americana jean which gives the perfect laid back feel. I love a boyfriend jean in a light wash because it gives off more casual vibes.

On the top half, I started with a super trendy graphic tank – how cute is this one? Obviously anything cactus is on trend right now but I didn’t want it to come off too trendy, so I layered over it with an Ariat denim button down followed by a bright wool vest. Both the denim and the wool vest are cowboy classics that really bring balance to the trendy fringe and cactus I have going on.

Graphic Tank: Baha Ranch Western Wear

Denim Button Down: Ariat

Wool Vest: Rhonda Stark

To accessorize, I started with my two staple rings that go with everything: my custom stamped leather ring and my silver band. Rings are the simplest way to add interest to your accessories without having to match or over think it. Next I threw on a beaded metallic bracelet and a statement necklace.

I love this necklace because it can be worn against red, orange, pink, purple and blue and still pull things together. In this case, it really pulled the colors in the vest together and completed the accessories. But even if you have all the best jewelry in the world, a girl needs a good handbag. This buckskin leather clutch is seriously my go to and looks great with everything. I love the studs and bucking horse for a little western flair too!

Leather Ring: Eve West

Statement Necklace: Younkers

Buckskin Clutch: LOV Leathers

The best way to have fun with trends is to make them last with the classics in your closet. I love to mix different vibes to bring out a sassy attitude in my outfits. Whether it’s wearing a cheeky graphic tee with a vintage denim jacket or dressing up a western shirt with a fringe skirt, there are tons of ways to mix and match the trends that you see in the boutiques. Don’t ever forget that you should wear the trends you want to, not because someone tells you it’s what is in. Never be afraid to style things your way and express yourself no matter you shape, size or style!

Did you guys like the True To Yourself series? What should I do next? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! If you missed part 3, you can read it here.