Styling the Vintage Soul

Sometimes I look at photos from the past and feel like I just missed out big time. I hang out with the kind of people who feel like they were meant for a different time, just not fitting in with what is popular today. I can honestly say I have nothing in common with those kids that run around on hover boards (okay, Back to the Future, we get it) and don’t believe their parents used to be cool.

No matter how hard I try, I can’t go back to be born in 1945, and I do really like having a phone that isn’t connected to a wall and an operator…BUT, that doesn’t mean I have to dress like it!

The coolest part about fashion is how trends come back around and we can remember how cool the past was and still is. Obviously, I was trying for some 70’s old-school-cool with this ensemble!┬áLet’s all appreciate the decade of soul for a minute.


I put this little number together around these awesome rusty bell bottoms. The denim shirt balances the rich bottom half and adds some new texture to the look. I popped on this white fur vest with embroidery because, hello…70’s street glam anyone?


To accessorize, I put on my beaded statement necklace that y’all have seen in a few of my looks. I especially like this piece against anything denim. Finishing off the accessories is this pair of rust turquoise drop earrings and my favorite burgundy fedora.


I hope I left you guys with a little bit of vintage spirit today. Always keep moving forward but never forget to look back every once in awhile to appreciate the past and those who lived in a different world than you.

Stay unique, sisters!



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