The American Recap: Rodeo & Style Notes

Hey everyone!

It has been a whirlwind of a week. I ran down to Texas last week to spend time in Fort Worth for the American, and it was a total blast. If you haven’t made the trip down, it’s totally worth it. I bought my ticket for $28 and had fantastic seats. Yes, it is a long rodeo, five hours in fact, but there are lots of food vendors and space to move around – you can see the show from just about anywhere in the stadium!

Of course I was super stoked to see Tim O’Connell take bareback and watch Wade Sundell come in second in saddle bronc (Iowa pride over here!) This is one of those rodeos that truly holds your attention and wows you through the production. The thing I love about the American is that they have broken all of the traditional rodeo rules from marketing to format to payout. The end result is an event that draws in the best of the best and thrusts newcomers into the spotlight in the most extreme way – competing for that million dollar paycheck.

If you stay in Fort Worth for the weekend, definitely don’t forget about the semifinals at the Coliseum – it’s a super cool, intimate arena with lots of energy when it’s full. No matter what seat in the house, you will have an awesome view of the arena and be in view of some of the best rodeo athletes in the business. I’m taking $400 NFR seats close, y’all – it’s awesome. RFD also sets up a fan zone in the Stockyards with different information and activities, so you will be well entertained all weekend long, even if you decide not to hit the performances at night.

Of course, my main activity in the Stockyards was shopping. The Stockyards are home to some of the most iconic western businesses in the industry and gives you a chance to shop every cover of Cowgirl magazine from one store front to the next. I definitely recommend putting M.L. Leddy’s and Mavericks Western Wear on your “to shop” listĀ for sure. I also found my awesome serape jacket from Sassy Pantz boutique in the Stockyards Station, which is full of cute pieces that may just be part of your next rodeo outfit!

Speaking of my outfit at the American on Sunday, I was totally in love. Since the rodeo is five hours long, I definitely wanted to be comfortable while also keeping my style. I opted for my army green denim-looking bells from Lil Bees Bohemian and paired it with a Twisted J graphic tee. Both pieces have earthy, muted colors that really let my serape jacket shine. Even though this jacket is eye catching with its many colors, they are also very earth toned colors which I really took to. I finished off the look with an oversized bolo and a three strand necklace of copper pearls.

My makeup was surprisingly understated – I wore almost no eye makeup at all and kept it very natural. Part of the reason for this was that we were running VERY late, but I honestly loved the natural look and was much more comfortable on the drive back to Iowa so it was a win-win for me! I curled my hair but the humidity got to it before I got pictures, so I am rocking my natural waves, which I’m totally cool with.

Overall, I am a huge fan of Fort Worth and always have a blast every time I stop through, but this weekend was extra fun and full of excitement. Everything from fashion shows to rodeo to live music was absolutely incredible and worth every penny spent. Grab your girlfriends or your boyfriend, or whoever you’ve got and plan your trip for next year – you won’t regret it. And if you missed watching it this year, don’t forget to tune into CBS on Sunday – they will be playing it during primetime!

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