Desperate Times Call for Desperate Glam

Are you guys wondering what that title means? I have a story for you.

So, Marshall and I went down to Texas to hit Rodeo Houston and Rodeo Austin this year. This was honestly a big feat for us to come up with the money since only a few weeks earlier I was in Fort Worth for the American. Believe it or not, I am a regular person with a boring job that pays for these blog trips – I won’t lie to y’all. After going through different hotels, we decided it would be hard to swing two nights in a hotel and even one was pushing it with everything we wanted to do in Austin.

Well, Marshall is a huge proponent of sleeping in the car, which I really hate doing. But, I got to thinking – this is what real rodeo life is like, where you don’t always get a hotel or even a living quarters to put yourself together. Back in the day, I relied on whatever public showers there were on the rodeo grounds and did my hair and makeup in the cab of the truck with the AC on because the dressing room got too hot in July. Let this be a reminder that you don’t have to have the best of everything to be successful in what you do. All it takes is a little resourcefulness and some good tools to get the job done!

So, yes – Marshall actually won this one and we slept in the car. In Houston. Yes, I wanted to be a diva about it but I love him, so I wasn’t. Luckily I was able to get a pretty good night’s rest in my car too because the seats go all the way flat! Here was my look for our day at Rodeo Houston.

In order to get the full effect, I made sure to document my glam process through Snapchat, so I hope y’all enjoy my real reactions to this experience. 

 We parked next to a gas station for easy access to a sink but I didn’t want to spend too much time in there – too easy. I washed my face and headed back to the car where the real fun began. 

I did all of my makeup in the drop down mirror in the passenger seat. If you didn’t know, that mirror is magnified by 1000 and will show you problems you didn’t even know you had. 

But pro tip – if you want your eyeshadow blended to perfection and super easy viewing while putting on fake lashes, the car mirror is also your best friend. 

At this point, I was trying to warm up my curling iron with a car outlet we bought at Walmart. I thought it was going to work but I don’t think it was able to get hot enough, so I just left it natural and teased the top out. I think I made the right decision because of how windy it was in Houston but here’s a picture of the hair before the wind. 

Finally, I was able to go back into the gas station to change into my outfit and check everything out in a full length mirror. Got back to the car, threw on accessories and we were out the door! I hope y’all got a good laugh out of this little experiment and realize that it was to prove a point. 

Never be afraid to own your experiences and be real. You don’t have to be in a fancy hotel to be validated. You don’t have to own a Bloomer trailer or an expensive horse. Overall, no matter what you are into and what your goals are, people will embrace you for your authenticity, creativity and passion. You have nothing to prove. 

Stay unique sisters. 

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