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As some of you may have noticed, I took a little hiatus from the blog after my trip to Wyoming. It was so amazing to get out in the open air and just let my worries fade away, but we are back to work this week. Let’s get started!

I found LOV Leathers around six months ago and have been hooked ever since. Jennifer Anderson is a one-man, leather-making show who creates fabulous handbags, clutches and jewelry. I love her work because it screams western with a classy twist on the styling. LOV Leathers was the first business to really make me fall in love with oversized clutches, and my love for her work just keeps increasing the more I wear it. The tooling ranges from simple to elaborate, and her designs are always fresh and on trend with the season. Oh, and I forgot to mention the best part – her work is totally affordable. If you’re in need of a statement piece but don’t want to break the bank, Jennifer has the piece for you, I guarantee it!


I caught up with Jennifer to hear her story about how she started her business and what it means to her. Check out what she had to say about her journey with LOV.

How did LOV Leathers start? 
I started my leather business in 2011. It all started after I started riding on motorcycles with my husband. We spent a lot of time riding and I wanted cool gear to add to my leather chaps and jackets. I have always been intrigued by vintage fashion and leather – as we have traveled on the motorcycle on many stops, I was always picking up cool pieces, but a lot were not my particular style. I wanted to to make some original cuffs to wear while riding and then my business was born: I started to make leather cuffs and getting custom orders.
I lived in Wyoming for 4 years and of course the winters were long, so it allowed to me expand my craft. I started to make bags, clutches, wallets, and jewelry. Wyoming allowed me to be immersed into western culture, women started to ask me to make them belts, cuffs, and bags at the ranch. I started my Etsy shop with some pretty basic purses and started to get pretty busy. I took a break for a bit when we moved back to Colorado so I could focus on my other job. Actually, I almost packed everything up and was thinking of selling all my tools, but something kept telling me not to. As I unpacked and set up my studio it all started to come back and this year I decided to create my LLC, I knew I had nothing to lose.
Does your brand name have any special meaning?
The LOV actually means Lady of the Valley, it is a tribute to many women, wives, and mothers living in the mountains valleys. There is something about living among mountains as well as valleys. Valleys are interesting to me – its where people merge together among rivers, wildlife, hard weather, scarce resources, and vast skies. There is something sacred and spiritual about these areas. Everyone who experiences living in a mountain valley, as I did in Wyoming understand the beauty and the hardships. Valleys bring people together in a small intimate way.
What do you want your work to represent?
I want it to represent the west. My designs are of southwestern style while embracing nature with floral designs and elegance. I want my work to represent fearless women who may ride a motorcycle or elegant, timeless, vintage fashion with an edge. It is all perspective, but I hope to represent a timeless craft of western fashion.


4. How do you come up with new designs?
I try to spend a lot of time in nature – going on hikes and drives in Colorado help me with color schemes and inspiration for design. I spend a lot of time looking into vintage style and designers of leatherwork. Sometimes I do no planning at all, leather is interesting to work with – if you listen, it tells you what to do. I know that sounds cheesy, but most of the time, the way the leather has formed will tell you how to design a purse or clutch.
What’s your favorite part about working with leather?
Leather tells a story, the brands, the shapes, how it’s dyed. I love animals and I believe working with leather actually shows the respect and beauty that they produce. Leather can be formed, dyed, molded, stamped, tooled so on and so forth, it’s limitless. It tells you what to do, it teaches you and shows you that design can be organic and natural.
What can we expect from you for the fall?
I am so excited to show you! I will be adding a housewares line: pillows, coasters, and wall hangings this fall. I will also be working on a clothing line that will include leather vests and clothing accessories. Fall will include color scheme of gold, plums, some deep greens, and muted tan tones.
What inspires you about the western community?
I miss working on a ranch!  The wranglers, ranch managers, horses, cows and ranch dogs became my family. I enjoyed the community of women who worked hard and supported each other. I want to stay connected to people with the same ideals, truths, and beliefs as me.
What’s been the biggest challenge of starting your own business?
My biggest challenge is broadening my customer base. I’m growing but would love to expand my brand to more areas. Gaining true customers is a daily battle, but I also feel referrals and word of mouth helps. Another big challenge is production, I am a one woman show so often times it is hard to produce a lot of product because working with leather takes time.
What’s been your favorite part about starting your own business?
Meeting fellow business owners who are sharing the same journey. The best part has been the collaborations that I have done, meeting new people at markets and shows, and sharing stories with other artisans who are in the same boat and going through all the same challenges. 
What are you most looking forward to in the future?
I am most looking forward to growing and expanding my line. I am extremely excited to start working on some new designs in this coming year. I am also looking forward to doing more collaborations with influencers and bloggers as well as meeting more women in the western community.
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Instagram: @LOVLeathers
That’s it for today but keep checking back to see more of Jennifer’s beautiful work styled by yours truly.
Until next time, sisters!

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