Bringing Country Flair Downtown

Hey Everyone!

Today on the blog I wanted to bring you guys a little outfit inspiration mixed with a little note of encouragement. As much as I love being out in wide open country and breathing in ranch air, I love running around town mingling with people and discovering new places to hang out. I’m a regular at our “country” bar in town and love to hit up a local coffee shop after church on a Sunday.

I used to feel like I had to pick a place that I fit in, and stick to it. Like, if I enjoyed spending Saturday nights in town, I somehow lost my western card. Luckily, that’s totally not the case. On the flip side, I used to feel super self conscious wearing boots or a big bling belt downtown, like I would be judged for being different. I know there’s a lot of girls who feel like I did, so I’m here to give you a friendly reminder: IT DOESN’T MATTER.

You can live on a ranch and love getting dolled up on the weekends. You can wear fringe in a cocktail bar or red lipstick riding colts. Do your thing. Be confident in what makes you, you. Don’t let anyone’s opinion sway the truth that you’re allowed to be anything, and everything you want to be. There’s no box to fit in. Carry on.

In spirit of that reminder, here’s a fun look I shot downtown mixing western and urban trends for fall. (funny looks from by-passers not included)

I started this look out with a sophisticated pair of trouser jeans. If you’re a regular around here, you know about my obsession with trousers, but they’re officially in season so get ready to see a lot more of them! This pair of Ariat trousers is a perfect business casual look in town, or can be perfectly paired with leather and silver for a rodeo.

On top, I’m wearing a Cinch women’s button down with a turquoise pinstripe design. Pinstripes have been a huge trend in the city (like, literally forever) and were huge in the livestock show ring this summer as well. The fact that the pinstripes are turquoise makes it a great addition to a western wardrobe. We wear so many complimentary colors to turquoise, it gets its use!

On top of my button down, I’m wearing a fur vest with embroidery details from Target. I love the white faux fur for both fall and spring, and the details are undeniably western. The colors truly compliment anything you could put underneath it. I also love the fur for its texture – it really blends well with the pinstripes.

For boots, I’m wearing a brand new pair of Ariat square toes from their fall 2017 line. Keep an eye out for these exotic patchwork boots to hit shelves soon! They’re gorgeous shades of exotic hide stitched with burgundy details. This will be my go-to boot this fall, hands down.

Now for the accessories – this is the really fun part. All of the jewelry and the handbag are from Stone Feather Road in Cedar Falls, Iowa. I discovered this shop in Cheyenne at the Frontier Days, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Time for my favorite piece – the handbag. This cowhide tote is HUGE and luxurious. I love it because it’s so lightweight and can carry anything you throw at it. You seriously don’t have to dress up at all with this bag, it screams fashion by itself. Trust me – I’ve carried it to the nail salon in yoga pants and everyone comments on my great taste.

The necklaces are natural stones with cream and turquoise colors. They compliment the vest and top perfectly and make a statement with the large, layered stones. The cuff is made of leather and has a large turquoise accent piece. All the jewelry is designed by the owner of Stone Feather Road, Paula Lorenz.

Did you enjoy this look? How do you bring western style to town? Let me know in the comments.

Stay you, and stay unique my friends!

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