Style For Every Body: Fall 2017

Hi everyone!

I know I’m a little late in saying it, but happy fall! I’ve been waiting for the weather to cool off so I can bust out some new pieces and projects. For the last few months, I’ve been anticipating a certain project with some of my best friends from college – Style For Every Body Part Two!

If you’ve been a reader for awhile, you may remember an article I wrote called Style For Every Body. I wanted to encourage women that no matter your size, you can embrace style and tweak it to be uniquely your own. I invited four of my friends to my hometown to style them in western fashion. The challenge of this project was all of my friends are completely different shapes and sizes, yet I was styling them all out of my personal closet. This was an experiment that truly proved that it’s all about working with your body and knowing how to flatter your shape. I ended up having so much fun getting creative with the ladies that we decided to do it again this year!

My girls came out on Friday night where we did a makeup trial and organized styled outfits. Saturday, I did everyone’s makeup and was the official photographer for the day. Since we shot out at the farm last time, I decided to switch it up and take photos downtown instead. I loved the bold, western-inspired outfits against the urban landscape. I’m totally obsessed with how the photos turned out and couldn’t wait to show you what we came up with this time. They are beautiful inside and out, and it totally shows. Check them out below:


Sassy & Sophisticated

For Abbey’s first outfit, I started with this beautiful pair of Tasha Polizzi palazzo pants. They are bright, classic and make a very classy statement. I paired them with a white tank with jeweled details around the collar. I loved the simple details on the neckline, so I didn’t add anything that would take away from that. Over top of the tank, I added this rust orange, suede jacket. The color blended beautifully with the colors in the pants and set off Abbey’s gorgeous auburn hair.

I added a brown concho belt around her waist to bring some more interest to the top half of the outfit and bring in an element of sparkle and accessory. For shoes, I put Abbey in a beautiful pair of Ariat open toe booties. I love the rich chestnut color and the sophisticated look. Since the pants were a little long, the heel on the bootie helped her get the perfect length.

Bold & Playful

For Abbey’s second outfit, I wanted to step up the heat and really show off her fiery side. I started with one of my go-to pieces, my serape duster. Not only did it flatter her figure but totally brought out her skin and hair. I kept it simple with a black cami underneath and a pair of straight leg jeans. I rolled the jeans up to showcase the Ariat fringe booties.

For accessories, I added a cowhide waist belt to bring in another western element to the look as well as add another texture. We added a red stone necklace and a matching pair of earrings to compliment the star of the outfit – the hat. This is the newest addition to my hat collection, a bright red, vintage-inspired Warbonnet. I had it custom made and thought Abbey rocked the style!



Vintage & Classic

Emma’s natural look just screams fashion to me, so I love to push her outfits out of the box – straight to the western runway. I started this classic look with a black jumpsuit. I knew I was going to be adding beautiful western pieces overtop, so I wanted to keep the jumpsuit a detail compared to the main staples of this bold look. This jacket is a vintage item that belonged to my mom, and Emma requested to wear it – I think she totally rocked the beads and fringe!

For accessories, I added this beautiful statement concho belt. It has beautiful, bold conchos that really pull your eye to the details while adding lots of interest to the outfit. I love this piece for this particular outfit because it sets the theme of high fashion western paired with the other accessories.

Finally, I added a simple turquoise heishi necklace and a pair of fringe earrings to compliment the cognac fringe on the jacket. I kept the jewelry simple to make sure it added to the outfit without taking away from the statement pieces. To top the whole look off, I added a vintage fedora, complete with a feather.

Cute & Bubbly

I took Emma from bold to cute in a hurry with this adorable polka dot ensemble! This bright red, short sleeved button up paired perfectly with a denim vest. The details on this vest are the best part – they have beads above the pockets, embroidery and a rough edge finish that give it a vintage feel. I paired this top half look with a pair of dark wash flairs and a pair of Twisted X moccasins.

I chose moccasins to keep the look casual, but that doesn’t mean they lacked flair! I love this particular pair of Twisted X’s for the patchwork ostrich detailing. They’re neutral and go with everything, but still can pair with a dressed up look too!

For accessories, I layered two vintage bolo ties – one turquoise, one silver. I love mixing vintage pieces for the character of the outfit. Paired with the retro polka dots, they really gave off a fun, old school vibe. To complete the accessories and give an unexpected modern touch, I added a red, stamped leather choker – a modern trend.


Sultry & Sexy

Whitney is my silent superstar who can usually be found behind the camera taking photos for me, but today, we got to switch places! She pulled out this beautiful gray cardigan with a fur collar and knew she wanted to wear it for one of her ensembles. I decided to keep it neutral with all black underneath. I chose a pair of ripped, black skinny jeans to add interest to the look, since it’s very simple.

After adding a black cami underneath the cardigan, I finished off the top half of the look with a studded fringe belt. I love this belt because you can wear it more than one way. You can show off the fringe in the front or off to the side, or completely hide it and show off the studded side of the belt for a little more sparkle. Speaking of sparkle, don’t miss those Ariat fringe booties! They totally set off the fur collar and added some spunk to this already sassy look.

Finally, we added a few small rings and a pair of earrings to finish off the look. Whenever I’m working with a bold element on a piece, I try to keep everything else dainty to really keep the eye on the statement parts of the outfit. Paired with a bold pink lip and smoky eye, this outfit really pops and gives tons of attitude!

Fierce & Funky

I was drawn to this look for its jazzy, funk-filled vibe. Starting with a pair of navy velvet bell bottoms, we built a funky, yet comfy outfit featuring this beautiful kimono. I love the lace detail and the print on this piece – honestly, I love kimonos in general because you can keep everything else so simple and not over-think it. That’s exactly what we did with this outfit, simply putting on a white cami underneath and adding a few fun accessories.

For accessories, I added a turquoise heishi necklace and layered it with a dreamcatcher necklace. Mixing lengths on necklaces brings attention to the jewelry and shows attention to detail. After adding a few rings, some bangles and a pair of dangle earrings, all that was left was a hat.

I used the same hat Emma wore in her first outfit – a vintage, cream-colored fedora with a funky turkey feather. This hat actually used to belong to Whitney’s great-grandfather, and she generously gave it to me to have for photo shoots. I’m obsessed with it and it looks great on her too!



Professional & Put Together


If there was one outfit in this shoot that screamed fall perfection, it was this one! I built this look around the blouse Hope is wearing in this photo. I immediately thought to pair it with a great pair of burgundy colored bell bottoms. We all know florals look great in the fall, but pulling out the dark colors really made this blouse pop!

Overtop of the floral blouse, I added this gorgeous suede jacket from Wrangler. I love the cutout design on the sleeves and the draping in the front. These simple details really add polish to an outfit and make it versatile. The saddle brown color really balanced all of the colors and made Hope’s features stand out. Also, the jacket was a perfect match for this pair of peep toe booties!

For accessories, we worked around the neck tie on the blouse. I tried to incorporate it into the actual jewelry to really highlight that detail. I layered a string of turquoise pearls with a faux squash blossom, which really stepped the look up a notch. After adding a simple pair of turquoise earrings, this look was totally office, or date night ready!

Luxe & Lovely

I thought this look was a great reflection of Hope’s personality – bright and luxe. She loves comfy, cozy things like this fur vest and the coral button down really brought out her true colors. The embroidery details on this vest worked with the same colors and I loved the mix of pattern with texture. To accentuate her shape, I added a brown concho belt with one of Hope’s buckles for a little extra bling.

We kept the same pair of turquoise earrings on for a little pop of blue and added a white bubble necklace. The length fit the shirt well and brought just a little bit of polish on an overall, very fun outfit.

After all the pieces were added on top, I paired them with a simple pair of Ariat jeans and brown booties. The flair boot cut really balanced out the top of the outfit and made it great for casual wear or dressing it up to go out on the town.


I hope you all enjoyed this project and seeing some of my friends get all dolled up. I truly had a blast being behind the camera for a change and documenting such a fun weekend. Don’t forget, if you’d like to be styled by The Rodeo Mrs. – send me an email to book an appointment. Until next time, stay unique sisters!


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