WESA Denver Fashion Show: My Favorite Trends For 2018

Hi Friends!

I hope your week is going well – I’m totally still turned around from last week and can’t believe it’s really Thursday already. For those of you who don’t know, I was in Denver for WESA market last week and came home on Monday.

I had the opportunity to be one of the WESA “Wranglers” – a select group of influences who were chosen to cover market on social media as well as sit front row at the fashion show to see what’s new in western fashion. I had a fabulous time meeting up with some of my friends and meeting other influencers around our tables before the show, and saw some trends for 2018 that will definitely stick.

I’ll be the first to say this – when you invite fashion influencers to a show, we’re looking for standout pieces and things out of the ordinary. The show was definitely heavy on the traditional western apparel, which was to be expected, but my picks are the standouts that are anything but traditional or ordinary. If you follow my social media, you know how much I love to play with color and texture, and my picks definitely revolve around that. Let’s get into it!



Everyone has been obsessed with the fur coat trend since Fall of 2017, but let’s be honest…this look has never gone out of style. I’m so excited to see floor length, super-extra fur pieces on the runway in both classic neutrals and show-stopping brights.

This first coat is in a beautiful, classic color, and paired with fun textures, it really stands out. I love how big, luxe and unapologetic it is. You can’t beat a classic, especially one this luxurious. Also, have you all noticed the wooly bag trend taking off too? I saw SO many beautiful woolies on the runway and around market throughout the week. I may or may not (I totally do) have a custom one in the works for myself. This model is rocking a beautiful gray version that can be dressed up or down – a totally versatile statement piece for your wardrobe!

This coat is a serious work of art! I really love seeing modern patterns sewn into classic pieces like a fur coat. Not only does this piece show of the artistry of the maker, but looks completely stunning with every neutral color you throw on with it. Of the neutral color coats I saw, this one was a favorite. I’m all for picking something completely unexpected and unique, and this piece brought it for me.

I was living for this neon-bright, color-blocked number! When I was planning my outfits for Denver, I was keeping in mind bold, spring colors – mainly hot pink, cobalt blue and coral orange. This coat totally goes with the vibes I was putting out and I’m completely obsessed. I would love to see this styled with a pair of high heeled booties and my cobalt Charlie 1 Horse everyone is obsessed with! I’m so excited to see lots of bold colors mixed with timeless pieces this year.

This isn’t exactly a fur coat, but can we appreciate the use of the angora in scarf form as well? I rocked a similar style at NFR and have been waiting for this trend to take over the industry. I love how there are so many beautiful colors to choose from – whether you love a deep red, cobalt blue or prefer jet black, it’s a luxe accessory that can take on even a pair of jeans and a graphic tee. I’m looking forward to seeing more unique uses of angora in 2018!



I feel like tooled leather is another one of those classic western pieces that has never gone out of style, but I’m seeing it incorporated into more and more things this year. Whether you’re interested in a classic bag like this model is wearing, or a custom pair of shoes with tooled accents, there’s a way to incorporate it into your style. I visited the Juan Antonio booth at market (big mistake, says my bank account) and ordered a custom tooled bag. If you haven’t noticed, I’m a total bag lady.

The piece I ordered is red and black, but you can incorporate tooled leather in any color or style, it all depends on your taste. I’m also excited to see vintage tooled leather in 2018 as well. There’s so many beautiful options floating around online and probably in your grandma’s closet too. Don’t forget to support your makers who create beautiful, custom leather pieces either!



There’s something inherently rugged about deerskin. It makes me think of a different time where we used every piece of the animal and didn’t waste. I personally have a stash of deerskins that my grandpa shot himself over 30 years ago, which I’ve been dreaming of making into something one-of-a-kind and beautiful. I’m so excited to see deerskin coming onto the runway as a fashion statement! Whether it’s a high end piece like this one, a custom satchel with a raw edge or a beautiful, spring weight vest – deerskin is appearing all over the place.

I loved seeing one of my influencer friends, Brandi of Western Atelier, rock deerskin designer pieces at the NFR this year. One of my maker friends, Jennifer of LOV Leathers also makes beautiful bags and clothing from it. I love the raw edges, buttery-soft feel and versatility of color and texture. It also mixes beautifully with other textures, like fringe and lace on this model!


What trend are you going to rock in 2018? Let me know in the comments –

Until next time, stay unique sisters!

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