Closet Staples For Every Season: Featuring Blush Out West

Hey guys!

If you didn’t see my announcement last week, I decided to dip my feet into the brand rep world. As you’ve probably noticed, I don’t have discount codes floating around my social media, and I’m not promoting brands around the clock. My philosophy has always been, if I consistently love it and my followers will too, I’ll promote it.

With that being said, I found a boutique I truly enjoyed, and decided to take a leap into being a brand rep. With that, I wanted to introduce you to Blush Out West.

Blush has classic, timeless pieces that will suit women of every style and age. They specialize in the stylish staples that every contemporary woman needs in their closet – from luxurious sweaters to fitted blazers, to all the stylish basics that pull everything together. On top of that, they have a fabulous selection of turquoise and silver that are a great start for gal looking to start her collection.

So today, I wanted to share a few of my favorite styles that are currently available on the Blush Out West website, and share a few ideas on how to style each piece. I’ll be linking my picks and some stylish add ons to check out throughout this post – feel free to click on them if you’re interested!

If you fall in love with something, make sure to use my code ANDREA10 at checkout to save a little money on your order.

Let’s get started!



First of all, I’ve been on a denim high in 2018. When you walk into my closet, I can explain away my six jackets and why they’re not all the same. Also, let’s not even talk about ACTUAL jeans…I have a problem.

However, I’m totally in love with this style of denim jacket because of how relaxed, yet refined it is. Usually when you see relaxed denim, it’s made to be slouchy and very undone. This version, however? Totally classy and easy to go from casual office look to night on the town with the right styling.

For a daytime look, I would style this jacket with a pair of starched trouser jeans, a simple blouse and a touch of bold jewelry. To take it to night, you could easily throw on a cool graphic tee underneath and pair this with a pair of liquid leggings and studded booties. An all around unique piece that will quickly become a staple!



Here’s a pick for my gals looking to start building their turquoise collection from the ground up. When I first started getting into jewelry, I started piling up smaller, more affordable pieces that I could then layer to get that grand look I was looking for. These little beauties are exactly that kind of piece!

These are also a great piece for my ladies who like to keep their jewelry clean and simple. If you’re not into the large, heavy pieces, these bracelets are the perfect touch of elegance for any outfit. These would be adorable peaking out of a blazer sleeve or a knit sweater.

Styling these pieces is as easy as throwing them on – they go with anything – even if you’re headed to a team roping in jeans and a tee. If you’re feeling adventurous, check out these earrings to pair for a bolder look.



Emerald has been one of this year’s hottest colors, and it’s not going anywhere. This sweater is both totally cozy and on trend. You could easily incorporate this piece into a holiday look and then take it into spring without a hitch – plus you get to stay comfy the whole time – that’s a win, hands down.

My sweater collection has been growing out of control this season, but I’ve noticed my trend of buying very neutral fall colors instead of brights. This color has the perfect unexpected touch of color that you most likely don’t have hanging around in your closet currently.

For fall and winter, I would style this piece with a pair of fleece lined leggings and a pair of tall, tan cowboy fashion boots like these. For jewelry, consider adding a touch of white buffalo – the contrast is stunning! When you get to spring, swap leggings (if you’d like) for a pair of destroyed boyfriend jeans and a pair of cowboy mules. Top off the look with a cream or cognac hat, and a mulberry lip.



See…I told you I was having a denim moment. But, how can you not when you see how versatile this piece is. Not only is this jumpsuit adorable, it flatters many body types and can be styled season to season. Definitely another piece you’ll find yourself reaching for on a regular basis.

I love this piece for the light denim – it has such an airy vibe to it. It just screams effortless, which is exactly the effect you’re looking for in an outfit for brunch with your ladies or a laid back Saturday coffee date.

The other great part about the lightness of this piece is the ability to add punch to it, if you feel like it. You could easily punch this up with a pair of snakeskin heels and a fur jacket. Or, if you want to roll with the light feel, just throw a cardigan over top with a pair of booties or sandals in the spring.


I hope this feature gave you some style inspiration, and also a clear picture of what to expect from Blush Out West. I’m excited to be partnering with them as a brand rep, and I hope you find yourself inspired to check them out on social media, or even pick up an item.

Remember, if you do decide to make a purchase, use code ANDREA10 at checkout for a discount.

Thank you for reading – feel free to share!

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